COVID-19 News

Revised opening hours 

Mondays and Tuesdays - From July 27th and 28th the Club will be closed on Mondays and Tuesdays until future notice. We are sorry to announce this. However, it is a necessary part of our phased return to whatever normality will be.   

Sunday opening will be increased to 11pm. 

We will keep opening hours continually under review and provide information on notices in the Club and on the website. 

Thank you to all Club members for your continuing support to the Club. 

Club reopening 

The Club will be reopening on Saturday 4th July 2020. We have adopted Government. Police and Local Authority guidance. 

A visit to the Club will look different, as physical and service measures have been put in place for your safety and the safety of our staff. We have published a letter to members with the details about our reopening and the covid 19 safety guidance that will be applied. We encourage you to read these letters prior to your visit. 

Stay safe and well


COVID-19 Club Closure 

Further to the Government direction, the Club has now formally closed until future notice. 

We will use the website to inform you about changes to this situation including whatever opening hours might be possible in due course. 

Please follow the national health guidelines, maintain your social distancing and in doing so stay well. 




COVID-19 Club Closure 

Members will be aware of recent government advice that individuals should avoid pubs, clubs and restaurants in order to restrict the spread of the covid-19 virus. In light of this advice, the committee has resolved that Dunscar Conservative Club will close on Friday, 27th March 2020. 

Please also note that it is likely the government may decide to instruct clubs like us to close earlier than the above date. If instructed to close by the government, then the club will comply and close immediately. 

The committee recognises the impact that the closure will have on members, but is very mindful of its obligations toward staff, vulnerable members and visitors. 

The well-being of members has been paramount in reaching the decision to implement the closure. Prior to the date of closure, the committee requests that any member who has symptoms/has recently returned from a high risk country or is within the group of people classed as vulnerable should refrain from visiting the club. Further advice is available at: 

The committee has also resolved to implement restricted hours of opening up to the 27th March 2020: 

Thursday,     19th March 4 pm to 11pm    Friday,        20th March 2 pm to 11 pm 

Saturday,      21st March 2pm to 11pm      Sunday,      22nd March 1200 hrs to 10 pm 

Monday,       23rd March 5 pm to 10 pm   Tuesday,    24th March 5 pm to 10 pm 

Wednesday,  25th March 5 pm to 10 pm    Thursday,   26th March 5 pm to 10 pm 

Friday,          27th March 5 pm to 11 pm    Saturday,    28th March – Closed 

The committee will continue to regularly monitor the situation with Covid -19 and act promptly on any future advice or government instruction. Any decision to re-open the club will be based solely on government advice. We are unable to advise on a likely re-opening date at this time, but every effort will be made to advertise this with notices at the club, on our Facebook pages and on the club website: 

Best wishes and stay well

Corona Virus 

The Committee have recently taken a number of decisions to protect the health and well being of Club members.

The Club's AGM which was to be held on 26th March 2020 has been cancelled until further notice. The existing Committee will continue to operate for now. In addition, the concert programme has been suspended until further notice. Many Club Sports events have already been cancelled by their associations and we expect others to follow suit. Further actions will be taken in the coming days and weeks to comply with UK Government advice and protect the health and well being of members. 

These are unprecedented times with advice and guidance changing daily. If we are required to temporarily close the premises, we will do that and keep contact with members through this website.

The Government has so far advised the Nation to: 

  • Stop non-essential social contact with others (Particularly those over 70, those pregnant and those with underlying health conditions); 
  • Avoid theatres, restaurants, bars or other public venues - that includes the Club; 
  • Stay at home for 14 days if you have symptoms of Covid-19 (a persistent new cough and/or a high temperature) This also applies to other members of a household with someone who has symptoms of Covid-19. 
  • Ask for help from others with your daily business. 

Please think carefully about whether you should be at the Club for your safety and the safety of others.

New Website 

Webmaster is doing his level best to learn how to create a new website and get things up and running again after our previous Internet Service Provider was bought out. 

Our new provider is called Bandzoogle. 

Great name!!!