Club Updates

Membership Renewals 

Memberships for 2022 are now available to Renew!

Full Membership £20

Senior / Junior Membership £16

£2 discount for renewals paid before 01.01.22

Please remember to notify the Bar Team if any of your personal contact details have changed

Any Members who haven't renewed by 31.01.22 will need to reapply, should they wish to continue their Membership

Special / Annual General Meeting 

A Special General Meeting (SGM) will be held at Dunscar Conservative Club on: 

Thursday 11th November @ 20:00 

The Special General Meeting (SGM) will be asked to vote on the motion that “Dunscar Conservative Club hold the 2021 Annual General Meeting (AGM) on Thursday 11th November 2021” 

All Members are invited to attend and will receive x2 Free Drink Vouchers on attendance

Discretionary Precautions 

Whilst we appreciate the Government have lifted our restrictions to opening, seating and serving standards, we are still conscious of the need to keep COVID at bay.

We would like to make you aware of the following recommendations whilst using Dunscar Conservative Club:

No restrictions in the toilet areas

No need to wear masks

No need to remain seated


However, we still require you to respect the measures that other people may take whilst using the club facilities.  This includes:

Members, Guests and Team Members wearing masks

Social distancing measures, including the toilets


We have finally reached the day where our restrictions have been lifted!


We are happy to confirm the following opening hours:


Monday 4pm - 11pm 

Tuesday 4pm - 11pm 

Wednesday 4pm - 11pm 

Thursday 4pm - 11pm 

Friday 2pm - 12am 

Saturday 12pm - 12am 

Sunday 12pm - 11pm


We really can't wait to see you back soon!

Opening Times 



We will currently be opening the following times, but please note these are subject to change


Monday 4pm - 11pm

Tuesday 4pm - 11pm

Wednesday 4pm - 11pm

Thursday 4pm - 11pm

Friday 2pm - 12am

Saturday 12pm - 12am

Sunday 12pm - 11pm


We are please to be re-opening again on Thursday 1st July at 4pm! Can't wait to see you all back at the Club soon...

Club update 

As a result of a positive COVID test, we have had to close for a period of isolation for much of our staff.

We hope to reopen on Thursday 1st of July